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6K Additive Metal Powders

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Build Boldly with Infinite Materials and Limitless Possibilities

Additive Manufacturing with metals has progressed beyond prototyping and has made its way into production.  Industries such as aerospace, medical, oil and gas, automotive and others are looking to qualify production parts made from a host of alloys.

At 6K Additive, we enable you to think beyond today. If today you are printing with materials like Inconel 718 or Ti 64, at 6K we produce these materials that are truly spherical, void of porosity and satellites and with better flowability than powders made with competing technologies. If your application calls for requirements that can’t be achieved with existing AM materials or even with conventional manufacturing, we can design a solution. 6K, with UniMelt® Technology, is able to mass-produce spherical powders for High Entropy Alloys (HEAs) that could be used in AM as well as conventional consolidation processes like MIM, HIP, and Powder Forging.

Here’s just a few examples of the limitless material possibilities we can produce at scale with 6K technology:

World’s First Producer of Premium Powders Derived from Sustainable Sources

Critical to the success of qualification is the material and the properties derived from powder.  At 6K Additive, we’re setting a new standard for premium powders. We utilize UniMelt®, the most robust production platform that delivers the highest premium powder for additive manufacturing.  Powders that are highly spherical, void of porosity with the fewest satellites of any powder manufacturing technology.

What’s more, our technology allows us to leverage sustainable sources as feedstock. Whether it’s certified millings from CNC, grindings, used additive powder or even the support material used in AM, we leverage it all. We tailor PSD to your requirements. There is no excess waste or other cut sizes that head off to the landfill or sit in some warehouse being written off the books. Lastly, we use ⅕ the gas in the UniMelt® and ⅓ the power of competitive powder producing technologies like gas or plasma atomizers


Stainless Steel 17-4
Nickel 718
Nickel 625
Ti -64
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