6K Energy PlusCAM

6K Energy PlusCAM

6K Energy DOE Grant for a Cathode Active Material Manufacturing Plant – PlusCAM

The $107 million project, of which $50 million will be funded by President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law through the Department of Energy, will be to accelerate deployment costs associated with 6K’s investment in the full-scale PlusCAM™ battery material manufacturing plant. 

The 6K Energy PlusCAM plant will demonstrate the ability to domestically produce multiple battery chemistries, namely NMC811 and LFP, with the capacity of 3,000 tpa ready for production in 2025 and scaling to 10,000 tpa in 2026. What’s more, the demonstration plant will produce these materials sustainably, generating zero waste and 70% less greenhouse gases while using only 10% of the water and 30% of the energy that traditional battery material production methods use for producing NMC 811 as an example. Production costs for both materials will be significantly lower than materials sourced from China.

The team at 6K Energy has been working diligently on the plant location with 10 different possible sites located in the southeast United States.   The goal is to finalize the site in the coming months and to break ground sometime in the first half of 2023.  With such an aggressive plan, we of course have been working with several external companies helping to design the factory.  (show several different angles of the building

In the PlusCAM plant our plan is to leverage feedstock sources domestically, helping to free the US from its current dependency on conflict nations. This will be accomplished first by upcycling recycled materials sourced from end- of-life batteries followed by the digestion of 6K’s own metals.

As part of President DOE award announcement, 6K CEO Dr. Aaron Bent had the privilege of participating in a live announcement with President Biden and Secretary Granholm who discussed Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s goal to expand domestic manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and the electrical grid and for materials and components currently imported from other countries.

Aaron Bent, CEO of 6K joins President Biden while he delivers remarks on the bipartisan infrastructure law. Watch webinar here.

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