Metal AM part and production powder

Webinar – Incodema3D Reaching New Heights with Premium Metal Powders

Sustainability and recycling. Two topics that dominate the headlines, especially in additive manufacturing. While AM organizations seek ways to incorporate sustainable materials into their production processes, many lingering questions remain, such as:

  • Will the material meet specific spec requirements?
  • Is there a loss in quality anywhere in the process?
  • Does it cost more?

Companies wrestling with whether sustainably sourced AM materials such as scrap metal and used powder will work for them will need qualified data to make informed decisions.

In this webinar, Incodema3D, a strategic supplier to aerospace and defense customers, will discuss their evaluation of 6K Additive’s sustainable nickel 625 powders. This sought after material is used for critical requirements such as thermal shock and high-temperature resistance in metal AM produced parts.

Discussion topics will also include:
  • Insight into Incodema3D’s qualification process including part density improvements.
  • How working with a US-based powder supplier positively impacted their supply chain.
  • Highlights of their improved timing and logistics for an annual use of 30,000 kgs of nickel 625

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