6K Additive Metal Powder

Titanium and Zirconium Compacts for the Aluminum Melt Industry

Recycle strategic raw material streams into high-quality alloy additions

Over 30 years of expertise in metals reclamation and upcycling

Global leader serving aluminum suppliers for the automotive, medical and aerospace markets

Fully sustainable and low-cost titanium and zirconium supplier with 100% recycled materials

Offering Ty-Gem Compacts, SMP-100 Titanium Tablets, SMP-54 Titanium Tablets, Titanium Powder and SMP-Zirconium Tablets

Titanium and zirconium alloy additions from 6K Additive
Titanium and zirconium alloy additions from 6K Additive

Ty-Gem Titanium Compact

fast. Easy. Accurate. Produced from 100% recycled material

Most cost-effective, high-performance titanium alloying additions available

Largest titanium compact producer in North America

Leader in supplying the global aluminum industry

Rapid dissolution rate and high titanium content for increased productivity

Premier Titanium Alloying Additions for the Global Aluminum Industry

TY-GEM Titanium Compact

SMP Titanium and Zirconium Tablets

Specialty Metallurgical Productions (SMP)

providing titanium tablets, powder and titanium sponge

SMP-100 Titanium Tablets exclusively from pure primary titanium sponge/fines. Offering high density and rapid dissolution.

SMP-54 Titanium Tablets containing titanium/aluminum/boron blend

Zirconium Tablets consists of pure zirconium sponge

SMP a Division of 6K Additive has been serving the metals market since 1984

titanium tablets, powder and titanium sponge


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