Infinite Battery Material Including: NMC • LFP • LLZO • LMO • LTO • LNMO

6K Energy’s UniMelt Technology Offers Unlimited Possibilities

Lithium-ion batteries contain materials spanning the full spectrum, including metals, lithium salts, carbon and graphite, and, increasingly, silicon-based materials. No other battery material production technology in the world has the versatility of 6K Energy’s UniMelt microwave platform. UniMelt has the versatility to produce almost any lithium-ion battery material, including NMC, LFP, LLZO, LMO, LTO, LNMO, as well as silicon anode. Currently moving into full production with NMC and LFP.

6K Energy – Sustainable Domestic Battery Materials

LTO Anode


Silicon Anode Nano-structured

Intermetallic composite

Nano-foam SiOx

NMC Cathodes

NMC 622

NMC 811 single crystal

NMC 9.5.5 single crystal

LLZO Solid-state Electrolyte

Nano-scale LLZO

Cobalt-Free Cathodes


LMO single crystal

LNMO single crystal

Cathode Recycling

NMC 811 made with 100% recycled cobalt

Sustainable Battery Material Production

Faster – Cleaner – Lower Cost

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UniMelt Technology

Transforming manufacturing with microwave plasma