6K Additive Metal Powder

6K Additive Metal Powders and Alloys

Leaders in Sustainable Production of Premium Metal Powders and Experts in Alloying Additions

Creating a circular economy for metal powders for AM and alloy compacts

Highest-quality metal powders for additive manufacturing

Only sustainable production method for premium metal powders

Upcycling capabilities for converting revert into a full portfolio of metal powders and alloying additions

Leveraging domestic sources of metal feedstock ensuring supply chain independence

additive manufacturing Sustainable metal powders
additive manufacturing metal powder
additive manufacturing materials


Sustainable metal powder production for additive manufacturing applications

Infinite metal powder possibilities including nickel, titanium, copper and hard-to-manufacture refractory materials 

Quality metal materials that meet the most stringent application requirements for aerospace, defense,  hypersonics, industrial, oil and gas markets

Domestic supply of critical materials enabling supply chain independence

UniMelt microwave plasma process ensures precise control, high-quality spherical metal powder with material flexibility

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do including feedstock, upcycling and process

 additive manufacturing 3D metal powders

LCA AM Powder for; Titanium & Nickel powders

6K Additive has completed the first-ever LCA Life Cycle Assessments for AM Powder Manufacturing for both titanium and nickel powders. 6K has made available the LCA report for titanium and nickel powders, enabling stakeholders to gain insights into the energy, carbon, and environmental consequences associated with the manufacturing of these materials.


Alloy compacts are the premier alloying additions for the global metals industry

25+ years of expertise and knowledge in producing alloy additions

Faster dissolution rates increase productivity with our Ty-Gem titanium compacts

High-purity titanium and zirconium tablets deliver better performance.

Domestically sourced feedstock made from 100% recycled

Producing 3 million pounds of titanium compacts resulting in 3 billion pounds of aluminum for automotive, medical, and aerospace markets

6K Additive manufacturing 3D metal powders

Infinite AM Powder Possibilities

Full portfolio of metal powders

6K Additive Quality Material  additive manufacturing 3D metal powders

Quality Material

Premium metal powder for AM

6K Additive Alloying Additions

Alloying Additions

Titanium / Zirconium


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