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6K Energy Battery Material Production Plans Start with PlusCAM™

PlusCAM™ the World’s First Plasma Cathode Plant

PlusCAM factory will be a full-scale battery material manufacturing plant in Jackson, Tennessee, providing low-cost, ultra-sustainable production of battery material for localized supply chains in the US. This plant will be the first in a series of multi-chemistry plants providing a blueprint to replicate easily.

Key Initiatives for PlusCAM include:

Sustainability Initiatives

Renewable sources for energy where possible

Following LEED standards for design and operation

Environmentally friendly building and process improvements

Transportation improvements to reduce congestion

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Local workforce development and training

Support of local DBE and minority-owned firms

Sustainable production process with zero waste and lower carbon footprint

Work with HBCUs to foster research and development

PlusCAM – providing low-cost, ultra-sustainable production of battery material.




PRODUCTION – Multi-Chemistry Cathode Material

* $50M is funded by the DOE Bipartisan Infrastructure Law grant

6K Energy Battery Center of Excellence (BCE)

6K Energy’s State-of-the-Art Battery Material Development Facility

6K Energy’s Battery Center of Excellence focuses on the development of battery material production in the United States. This 33,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility works closely with battery cell manufacturers, OEMs, and recycling partners to develop the next generation of sustainable battery material production for electric vehicles, grid storage, and consumer goods. This facility supports the full-scale development of materials such as high energy density and single crystal cathode, solid-state electrolyte materials, and Silicon Anode, to name a few.

The Battery Center of Excellence fully supports partner qualification of new materials, offering dedicated UniMelt systems to customers, enabling the rapid commercialization of battery materials.

Key Initiatives for the Battery Center of Excellence:

Partner development of next-generation battery material

Sustainable production with a closed-loop process to recycle off-gas back into the precursor process

Recycling partnerships to create a true circular economy for battery material

6K Energy’s BCE – developing a sustainable production process for the next generation of battery material.

Sustainable Battery Material Production

Faster – Cleaner – Lower Cost

Infinite Battery Material

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UniMelt Technology

Transforming manufacturing with microwave plasma