Graphic render of a flexible screen, a potential application for nano engineered materials

Nano-Engineered Materials

6K is the world leader in creating, designing, and innovating Nano-Engineering Materials for Advanced Applications. 

6K’s microwave-based plasma system dramatically reduces cost and improves throughput and yield, while increasing control over particle size, purity, and morphology – thereby unlocking chemistry for advanced materials – and provides the platform for engineering nanomaterials for our Strategic Partners.

6K’s platform technology is tailorable for synthesizing nano and micron-sized powders, spheroidizing and densifying metal and ceramic powders, and depositing these materials on targeted substrates through plasma spray deposition.

6K is developing processes for Nano Material Surface Treatment of micron-sized materials with 6K’s UniMelt® capabilities.

6K is focusing on the following application areas where nano-engineered materials are critical components:

Nano Alumina