Space Launch System Takes Off

Federal & Defense Applications

Create tailored materials for mission-critical applications with reduced costs…

There are multiple advanced applications for which high purity and uniformity, along with the defined size and compositional specifications, are critical attributes in creating the mission-critical parts demanded by today’s warfighter.  Some examples include:

Additive Manufacturing

  • High-quality powders with a narrow PSD, high flowability, and certified chemistry
  • Dense spherical powders for part consistency
  • Narrow PSD for AM systems such as L-PBF, EBM, binder-jetting as well as HIP and MIM processes
  • Low-Cost powders with 100% yield within the targeted PSD
  • Circular economy material lifecycle without sacrificing quality
  • Ti64, Inconel, Al, SS, CoCr, Re, W, Mo, Nb


  • Achievable higher Kwh/Kg
  • Directly & independently engineer morphology & chemistry without the constraints of co-precipitation technology
  • Engineered morphologies, targeted d50 in both nano & micron ranges, tight PSD and bimodal PSD for maximum packing
  • Engineered chemistries for cathode and anodes for Li-ion batteries, solid electrolytes, and surface coatings for interstitial modification
  • Reduced development cycle times and faster scale-up
  • NMC 111 -811, LMO, LTO

Transparent Ceramics

  • Improved scratch resistance and ballistics protection at lower costs
  • Net shape “sapphire” possible – optoelectronics, sensors; LCD screens
  • Higher performance, lighter-weight protective armor
  • Very large transparent net formed parts achievable
  • High clarity, low haze quality maintained across & through parts
  • Doping systems provide a basis for optical protection
  • Synthesize or process: oxides, carbides, and nitrides including La2Al2O3, YAG (Y3Al5O12), Spinel (MgAl2O3)

 IR Transparent Windows

  • Synthesize powders from solution precursors (acetates, nitrates, organo-metallics) or from solid precursors
  • Complex radomes and shaped windows possible
  • Maintain broad frequency IR transparency
  • Enhanced modulus, hardness, and strength
  • Achieve higher quality – reduced pores, secondary phases, inclusions, defects, or inhomogeneous grain boundaries
  • MgO-Y2O3, MgAl2O4


  • Thermal barriers for hypersonics: YSZ, LMHA, etc.
  • Low-cost one-step solution to coating
  • Demonstrated 1,600ᵒC phase pure materials

Nano-Engineered Powders

  • Nanometer powders with a narrow size distribution
  • Ceramic matrix composites & metal oxides
  • Novel monolayers & mixed alloys

Enhanced lethality, Improved survivability, and Reduced costs across multiple platforms

Space Launch System Takes Off
Launch Vehicles & Spacecraft
fighter jet
Large military helicopter in flight
Fixed and rotary-wing aircraft
Vehicles & Power
Sensor Mount on Reconnaissance Airplane
Radomes & Windows
Air-defence Destroyer in the Sea
Surface Ships & Underwater
Engineer performs military helicopter maintenance
Soldier Systems

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