Photo of 6K team member looking into UniMelt

Company Overview

At 6K, we’re breaking the bounds of chemistry to develop engineered materials into revolutionary products that will advance industries across additive manufacturing, renewable energy, aerospace, consumer electronics and more. With 6K’s advanced microwave plasma technology and sustainable processes, you can bring your innovations from ideation to development at speeds never before possible. At 6K we tailor-make the purest, best-in-class materials all with sustainability as a focus regardless of the industry we serve. For battery cathode materials, we’ll transform production into seconds with our Unimelt systems versus a conventional plant that takes days. Reducing energy consumption by 2/3 and creating no wastewater. For additive manufacturing, we can create premium powders from certified millings and turnings leveraging sustainable input streams and only at the sizes needed creating no future waste.

At 6K we’ve assembled a team of material, process and production experts to deliver materials for today, tomorrow and beyond. Whether it’s in our innovation labs in Massachusetts or our production facility in Pennsylvania, our patented 6K technology and sustainable processes enable you to convert an infinite combination materials that accelerate ideation and enable limitless possibilities.

Saurabh Ullal — COO of 6K Inc, and the UniMelt