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Specialty Ceramics

Ceramic applications have demanding and diverse requirements. 

6K’s UniMelt® technology can be used to create a broad range of oxide and nitride-based micron and nano-sized ceramics. 6K’s UniMelt® can also be used to spheroidize and densify angular ceramic powders.

Characteristics inherent in powders processed in UniMelt® include high sphericity (no edges), no satellites, tight powder size distribution (no oversized particles), non-agglomerated, and high phase purity.

6K has developed a variety of ceramic materials and can create for your needs as well.  

Battery Materials: LMO, LTO, LLZO and more

Transparent Ceramics: oxides, carbides, and nitrides including La2Al2O3, YAG (Y3Al5O12), Spinel (MgAl2O3)

IR Transparent Windows:   MgO-Y2O3, MgAl2O4

Thermal Coating Powders:  Spheroidized YSZ

6K Micron LLZO

Enabling New Business Through Partnership

We provide our strategic partners with higher quality materials for demanding applications, and the opportunity to engage in new business opportunities:

  • Premium micron and nano-sized ceramic powders
  • Spheroidize angular ceramic powders 
  • Direct vertical integration in the manufacturing value chain within a strategic partnership
  • New material and application-specific joint development

6K is working with strategic partners markets and Industries – learn more about our partnership opportunities