Advanced Coatings

Advanced Coatings

Advancing Coatings for Advanced Applications

6K’s UniMelt® is ideal for optimizing advanced materials for direct deposition onto substrates. Advanced coatings represent a diverse material set for board applications such as remote phosphors, thermal barrier coatings and active particle surfaces for the additive and tooling markets. 

6K has produced next-generation thermal barrier coatings such as LMHA, spheriodized YSZ, and produced unique phosphor-coated Saffire phosphor wheels.

Premium Powders for Advanced Coating Applications 

Applications like lighting, medical, aerospace, automotive and dental have demanding and diverse requirements where specialized and advanced coatings play an important role.  6K’s UniMelt® technology can be used to produce new material formulations to advance the performance of the fabricated parts and products.

Characteristics inherent in powders processed in the UniMelt™ coating facility include high sphericity, no satellites, and tight powder size distribution which allow for uniform deposition and adherence to a product’s surface. 

Enabling New Business Through Partnership

We provide our strategic partners with higher quality materials for demanding applications, and the opportunity to engage in new business opportunities:

  • New product and material development
  • Direct plasma spray equipment integration
  • Material/powder improvement through particle surface coating

6K is working with strategic partners across markets and Industries – specifically those that are looking for high purity, spherical, and low porosity powders.