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Materials Products

Unparalleled Flexibility

6K provides unparalleled flexibility to its partners to:

Tailor Crystallinity

UniMelt® parameters can be adjusted to create materials that are fully glassy (amorphous), completely crystalline, and even optically or IR transparent materials.

Tailor Density & Morphology

Through chemistry and plasma control, engineer materials that are fully dense for additive applications, porous shells for light trapping, or highly porous for a tailored catalyst. 

Tailor Size and Distribution

From 10’s nm for polishing or nano-LED phosphors to 10’s microns for additive mfg and battery materials to 100+ microns for coatings and other applications.

Precise Control for Engineered Materials

6K has developed the world’s only plasma production system capable of true materials synthesis at scale. The UniMelt® system maintains control of over 20 production variables, including plasma energy and plasma chemistry, production zone gases, and flow rates.

We can produce from low-cost precursors, including acetates and nitrates, slurries, powders, and certified turnings – providing total flexibility in material design.

6K provides its partners with the ability to duplicate or enhance today’s materials, or design entirely new compositions and engineered morphology.

Unlock new capabilities:

  • Produce highly uniform alloys and compounds with targeted phase
  • Control stoichiometries from simple Al2O3 to highly complex LaMgAl11O19
  • Engineer powders with targeted PSD
  • Coat powders downstream
  • Contamination free, high purity metal and ceramic powders

Engineer Materials Not Previously Possible

Real applications, now.

6K can apply its plasma synthesis to produce real products for today’s AND tomorrow’s needs.  Do you need to…

  • Engineer any dopant combination with high-nickel NMC battery cathode material…?
  • Engineer the world’s only 50 nm non-agglomerated spherical polishing oxides for semiconductor CMP?
  • Engineer bimodal distribution powders for tight packing density?
  • Engineer 100 nm nano-phosphors for micro-LED applications?
  • Engineer thermal barrier coatings with phase purity at 1600C?

6K’s UniMelt® Production System can!