Car design

Advanced Energy Storage Materials

Changing the Rules

Our patented plasma-based synthetic route fundamentally disrupts materials design and production for Li-ion batteries.

  • Direct control of physical & chemical primary particle characteristics
  • Lower cost structure & improved environmental sustainability
  • Faster scale-up & reduced development cycle time
  • Novel coating capability

6K is developing materials products for the current and next generation of battery technologies: 

  • Automotive applications including EV, start-stop, and xEV
  • Mobile & storage
  • Portable power/cordless

Unparalleled Control

The UniMelt® platform provides unprecedented ability to directly AND independently engineer for both morphology and chemistry without the constraints of traditional synthesis methods such as precipitation, solid-state synthesis, sol-gel, etc.

  • Engineered morphologies, including targeted d50 in both the nano and micron ranges, tight PSD and bimodal PSD for maximum energy density, the tailored surface area for power capability, and engineered porosity
  • Engineered chemistries for cathode and anode, including all NMC from 111 to 811 and beyond, NCA, LMO, high voltage spinel, LTO, silicone anodes, and other unique chemistries
  • Extensibility to solid electrolytes, surface coatings for interfacial modification and passivation, and future applications in thin-film batteries

Partner with 6K

6K can operate as an integrated extension of your team to meet your specific product requirements. With UniMelt®’s groundbreaking rapid synthesis, we can innovate new chemistries quicker than ever before, reducing time-to-market and development costs. The two-second single-step production process delivers a highly competitive cost structure.

Our scalable and modular production platform provides new flexibility in supply chain strategies, including low environmental impact for versatile siting.

We provide our strategic partners with higher quality materials for demanding applications, and the opportunity to engage in new business models:

  • Premium battery cathode powders from qualified raw material sources
  • Direct vertical integration on the battery manufacturing value chain within a strategic partnership
  • New material and application-specific joint development