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Advanced Photoluminescent Materials

Highly Uniform & Phase Pure Phosphors for Lighting, Display, & Medical Imaging Applications 

Phosphor applications have demanding and diverse requirements. 6K’s UniMelt® technology can be used to create a broad range of oxide and nitride-based micron and nano-sized phosphor and scintillator materials. 

Characteristics inherent in powders processed in UniMelt® include high sphericity (no edges), no satellites, tight powder size distribution (no oversized particles), non-agglomerated, and high phase purity.

Oversized, angular, and wide particle size distribution powders can be a real issue in lighting and display applications where defects can compromise the photoluminescent efficiency and useful life of the emitter. Our technology solves this problem.

6K has developed oxide and nitride-tailored phosphors for general lighting, remote phosphors, and phosphor wheel applications. 6K is working on the most difficult problems in this field, to bring to market the keystone materials for the ultimate display and lighting resolution. 

Let us create and tailor materials specific to your lighting, display, and imaging applications.

6K – YAG Ce Phosphors

Enabling New Business Through Partnership

We provide our strategic partners with higher quality materials for demanding applications, and the opportunity to engage in new business opportunities:

  • Premium micron and nano-sized phosphor powders
  • Direct vertical integration on the lighting and display manufacturing value chain within a strategic partnership
  • New material and application-specific joint development

6K is partnering across various markets and industries – learn more about our partnership program.