6K Energy - Sustainable Battery Material Production

IRA Compliant Battery Material to Power the Future of Electrification

Highly Sustainable Process – Transforming the Way Battery Material is Produced

6K’s UniMelt technology collapses production time from days to hours

Sustainable production process with zero waste and lower carbon footprint

Modular production enables domestic and agile manufacturing with half the footprint

CAM production meets stringent government mandates for compliance outlined by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

Leverages domestic and recycled feedstock, ensuring supply chain independence

Multi-chemistry battery material production capabilities

Sustainable domestic battery material production at a fraction of the cost.

Infinite Battery Material Possibilities

6K Energy’s UniMelt Technology Offers Unlimited Possibilities

6K Energy’s UniMelt technology can produce almost any lithium-ion battery material including NMC, LFP, LLZO, LNMO, LMO, LTO, and silicon anode. Market demand has driven our material development to focus on IRA Compliant NMC and LFP to begin commercial availability.

NMC Battery Material Properties

NMC (nickel, manganese, cobalt)

NMC batteries’ long-life cycles make them popular for portable devices such as laptops, cell phones, and grid storage. Electric vehicles also use NMC battery material due to their high energy density and ability to withstand high discharge rates allowing EVs to travel longer distances on a single charge. The ratio of nickel, manganese and cobalt vary depending on applications.

Longer range per charge

Higher energy density

Lower weight per mile/range

Higher recyclability

LFP Battery Material Properties

LFP (lithium iron phosphate)

LFP batteries outlast other types of batteries and are more resistant to overcharging and deep discharge cycles. They are commonly used for personal transportation, such as EVs, HEVs, golf carts and scooters. UPS systems and back-up power supplies often use LFP battery material because they offer reliable and long-lasting power.

Highest cycle life in lithium-ion

Faster charge/discharge rates

Lower average cost

Longer battery life

Addressing the Global Environmental Challenges of Battery Material Production

UniMelt – Dramatically Reducing the Environmental Impact Over Co-precipitation

ZERO liquid and solid waste

90% less water consumption, with closed loop recovery bringing water use to nearly ZERO

Up to 70% less greenhouse gas emissions

Closed loop process that recycles off-gas back into the precursor production

Drastic reduction in power usage

Eliminates 30 kgs of sodium sulfate water waste per kg of CAM

Addressing environmental challenges of battery material production.

Leapfrog Technology at Significantly Lower Cost

Faster, Cleaner and at a Lower Cost

6K UniMelt® microwave plasma technology is transforming the way we produce battery material by collapsing the production process time by 95% resulting in:

50%-60% reduction in conversion cost… EVEN IN THE US

50% smaller factory footprint

20-30% capex reduction

10X faster

To meet the demands of electrification, battery material costs must be drastically reduced, requiring production to be done differently.

6K’s UniMelt Production Cost

With 6K’s UniMelt technology, we take a multiple-step process down to a single-step, closed-loop process, driving the overall cost of the material production down.

Domestic Battery Material Production to Ensure Supply Chain Independence

6K Energy is Establishing a Domestic Supply Chain with IRA Compliant NMC and LFP Material

Reducing dependence on foreign-made battery material

Minimizing national security risks

A developed roadmap for domestically sourced feedstock

Recycling partnerships to create a circular economy for cathode production

Production facilities close to the demand

Controlling domestic supply of battery material to meet local demand and government incentives.

6K Energy Feedstock Made in the USA

Infinite Battery Material

Full portfolio of battery material

6K Energy Production Facilities

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UniMelt Technology

Transforming manufacturing with microwave plasma