High Entropy Alloy (HEA) Powder – HEA1000

6K additive Brings HEA powders to additive for the first time


HEA1000 is an experimental HEA spherical powder for use in commercial consolidation processes such as additive manufacturing, HIP, or powder forging. HEA’s opens limitless possibilities for having a perfect blend of elements to tailor properties, such as high strength coupled with high elongation, higher strength-to-weight ratios, or stable properties over a wider range of temperatures. To date, the introduction into production volume applications has been virtually impossible due to alloy manufacturing limitations. HEA availability expands the options for higher performance parts in aerospace engines, airframes, industrial and medical applications among others.

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6K Additive HEA Powders

6K Additive HEA Powders
6K Additive HEA1000 powder SEM
6K Additive HEA1000 powder SEM
HEA1000 spherical powder
Cu and Cr have equivalent alloy %
but significantly different melting
2022 AM Metal Market Analysis

AM Metal Market Analysis

6K Additive and SmarTech Analysis teamed up to look at the Future of the Metal Additive Powder Market with insights for scaling into the future.

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