6K’s UniMelt Plasma Earns Top Product of the Year Award from Environment + Energy Leader for its sustainability benefits

The UniMelt platform is recognized for its ability to produce powders for energy storage and additive manufacturing with distinct sustainability advantages over legacy technologies  

North Andover, MA. July 20, 2021 – 6K, a leader in the production of sustainable advanced materials for energy storage and additive manufacturing powders, today announced its UniMelt® plasma production system received a Top Product of the Year Award in the Environment + Energy Leader Awards program. The selection is a recognition of 6K’s ability to produce and deliver powders in both additive manufacturing and energy storage in an environmentally friendly way compared to existing powder production technologies that serve these markets.

“We are honored that the UniMelt platform has been selected as the top product for the Environment + Energy Leader Award,” said Bruce Bradshaw, Chief Marketing Officer for 6K. “UniMelt’s unique ability to leverage scrap material as a feedstock and turn it into high-value powder is just one example of our clean production approach. UniMelt’s environmentally friendly process lowers greenhouse gases, uses significantly less energy, and produces zero waste water creating a pathway to a circular or sustainable economy with performance material production.”

The Environment + Energy Leader Awards is a program recognizing excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits and in projects implemented by companies that improved environmental or energy management and increased the bottom line. 

“With a very experienced and critical judging panel and a strict set of judging criteria, entrants faced an extremely high bar to qualify for an award in 2021,” says Sarah Roberts, Environment + Energy Leader publisher.

6K’s UniMelt platform offers multifaceted sustainability benefits like no other battery material production platform in the world. As an example, if a legacy battery cathode production plant was replaced with 6K’s UniMelt platform, 100% of wastewater would be eliminated, energy usage and greenhouse gas generation would be reduced by up to 70%, and water usage would be decreased by 90%.

6K recently announced the creation of the Battery Center of Excellence, a 33,000 sq/ft state-of-the-art facility to accommodate ten UniMelt systems that can produce as much as 100 tons of material from each system annually. This will support full-scale development of materials such as high energy density and single crystal cathode, solid-state electrolyte materials, Silicon Anode for fast-charging, and many more. 6K’s additive division also recently completed its Global Manufacturing facility for producing additive manufacturing powders adding 45,000 square feet of “lights out” powder production capabilities for performance powders such as Tungsten, Ti64, Ni718/625, and Stainless Steel 316L/17-4.