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Nickel Superalloy Powder – Ni625

Nickel Ni625 Metal Powder For Additive Manufacturing


6K Additive Ni625 metal powders for additive manufacturing. Ni625 is Ni-Cr-Mo-Nb solid solution superalloy with high corrosion resistance, high strength, excellent fatigue resistance, and high-temperature stability. Ni625 properties make this alloy application for additive manufacturing interesting for marine and nuclear applications where corrosion is a concern and aerospace and racing car applications where high-temperature stability is required. The poor machinability of Ni625 makes it ideal for additive manufacturing. Ni625 metal powder is available in various sizes for 3D metal additive manufacturing. 

Ni625 metal powder is available in a variety of sizes. 6K Additive is a leading metal powder manufacturer, so we can customize the PSD that you are looking for.

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Ni625 metal powder 3d Printed
Ni625 Metal Powder 3D Printed Impeller

3D Printed Impeller printed using 6K Additive spheroidized powder

6K Additive Nickel Ni625 Metal Powders

6K Inc UniMelt process is able to achieve industry-leading yields and obtain nickel Ni625 metal powders that perfectly match your desired particle size distribution (PSD) allowing for a variety of additive manufacturing processes when using nickel superalloy powder.

Ultra Clean

No Satellites

High Sphericity


High Apparent Density

Low Porosity

Exceptional Lot-to-Lot Consistency

Conforms to AMS7006

Conforms to ASTM F3055

6K Additive Ni625 powder SEM
6K Additive Ni625 powder SEM

Industries & Applications for Nickel Ni625 Metal Powder

Ni625 powder is highly valued across a range of industries for its exceptional properties and versatile applications. With its outstanding properties, nickel metal Ni625 has gained significant popularity in additive manufacturing, allowing for the production of intricate components in a wide range of crucial AM industries such as:

Additive Manufacturing



Chemical Processing

Oil & Gas

Nuclear Power Sectors

6K Additive Ni625 powder
6K Additive Ni625 powder SEM

Key Properties of Nickel Ni625 Metal Powder

Ni625 metal powders stands out for its impressive range of properties. With high-temperature strength as one of its defining features, this nickel metal powder remains robust even in extreme heat conditions. Additionally, it boasts superior corrosion resistance, making it highly reliable in various additive manufacturing corrosive environments.

High-temperature strength

Superior corrosion resistance

Precipitation hardening

Excellent fatigue resistance

Wide operating temperature range

Sustainably Produced Nickel Metal Powder

At 6K Additive, our nickel powders are sourced sustainably, leveraging used powders, machine turnings, and revert as feedstock. Through our UniMelt process, we transform these input streams into high-value AM powder, effectively converting scrap into a valuable resource. This innovative approach allows your organization to maximize the value of past powder investments by participating in 6K Additive’s powder buy-back program.

LCA Nickel Life Cycle Assessment

LCA Nickel Life Cycle Assessment Report

Foresight Management completes the first-ever LCA for AM powder manufacturing processes for nickel powder production.

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Nickel Ni625 Metal Powders Specifications

NickelBalanceSilicon (Max) Carbon (Max)0.50%
Molybdenum8.00-10.00%Aluminum 0.40%
Iron5.00%Carbon (Max)0.10%
Niobium+Tantalum3.15-4.15%Oxygen (Max)0.03%
Cobalt (Max)1.00%Nitrogen (Max)0.02%
Copper (Max)0.50%Phosphorous (Max)0.015%
Manganese (Max)0.50%Sulfur (Max)0.015%
PowderYS (MPa)UTS (MPa)EL (%)RA (%)
XY6K (HT) 4298975460
XYASTM F3055 (HT)2754853030
Z6K (HT)3458865559
ZASTM F3055 (HT)2754853030


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