Thanh Nguyen

Senior VP, Deployment

Thanh Nguyen is the Senior VP, Deployment for 6K Energy, a Boston-based battery materials company. His responsibilities include defining business strategies and building the next generation of battery material plants globally.

Prior to joining 6K, Thanh spent a little less than a year at Packet Digital assisting the CEO to formalize their development and growth strategy in the drone space. Thanh was the VP of Sales and Marketing at Farasis Energy, Inc. where he was responsible for developing the customer network in Europe and the United States. He played an instrumental role in transforming Farasis Energy from a Silicon Valley tech start-up to a global lithium-ion battery supplier with several major automotive OEM programs underway.

Before joining Farasis Energy, Thanh held several positions at Johnson Controls Power Solutions Group (now Clarios), most notably as a Product Manager for industrial programs and scouting EV system-level future technologies. Thanh also had several years’ experience in the networking industry from the early days of high-speed broadband industry to cellular wireless network, such as LTE, in varying roles as engineer, product manager, technical sales, and founder.

Thanh holds several patents in networking and advanced battery development. He has a BSEE from Pennsylvania State University, has completed MSEE-level course work at Penn State and the University of Minnesota, and has an MBA from Regis University.